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Trusted Pet Grooming

Pamper your pets and keep them clean and healthy with the help of Angel Care Pet Grooming, a professional and reliable grooming salon. Located convenient to Shady Cove, Central Point and Eagle Point.  I provide high-quality pet grooming.  I never cage your pet, instead working straight through, providing your pet one on one attention and care. I dry with a blow dryer by hand with no drying in a kennel while I meanwhile groom other pets. This is far less stressful for your pet. Plus, they always have the same groomer.

I have received professional groomer training and certification. Trust me to provide a stress-free environment for your fur baby as I skillfully spruce up their look and improve their health and hygiene. 

Some pets are aggressive and don't do well around other dogs. Some cats are afraid to be around dogs in a grooming salon.  Grooming with me is private.

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